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Emison - 5.02


Didn’t see as much Emison as I would have liked to tonight but I can’t ask for everything. Emily obviously cares so much for Alison and it even shined through tonight. All she did was try to be near her and unlike Spencer in some situations, Emily is by Alison’s side no matter what and I love that. Go Emison.

Alison- 5.02


I honestly feel so terrible for Alison. She had a horrific past that obviously no one can move on from even though all she wants to do is start over. Granted I don’t think lying to the cops is the best way to start, she is trying her hardest to be the person she never was and I wish they would give her more credit.


Can Ali and Emily just get married already, they’re acting like a cute married couple


Pepe is A


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